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Here you will find various JELAIR beta-stuff that has either not yet made it into, or was never intended for, a full release but may still be of good use to FSX-simmers. For personal use only!



These are FSX FDE's only! They do not include models, panels, sounds or textures:

All FDE's are calculated from ortographs combined with other relevant info. date: 20140127

JELAIR-Lockheed_JETSTAR_dash8.7z date: 20130407

JELAIR-(FTC-I04)-Boeing_F-15A.7z date: 20100603

JELAIR-(FTC-J03)-Convair_B-58_Hustler.7z date: 20100903

JELAIR-(FTC-L01)-Piper_Warrior_PA28152.7z date: 20100528

addon-Boeing_747-200_JELAIR.7z date: 20100530

addon-Boeing_757-200_JELAIR.7z date: 20100530

addon-Airbus_A380-800_(PAX555)_v2.7z date: 20100903

addon-Lockheed-U-2R(ER-2_NASA).7z date: 20090506

addon-McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10-30.7z date: 20100530

JELAIR-(FTC-F02-FSX)-Learjet23.7z date: 20100903

JELAIR-(FTC-H08)-Lockheed_F-104G_Starfighter.7z date: 20100905

JELAIR-XB-70_Valkyrie.7z date: 20090517

JELAIR-Tupolev-Tu-154B2.7z date: 20110414

addon-North_American_Aviation_T28A_USAF.7z date: 20091027

JELAIR-Northrop_Grumman_B-2_Spirit.7z date: 20090513

JELAIR-Boeing_737-2L9_Maersk_Air_OY-MBZ_03_FDE-ONLY.7z date: 20100530


These are FS2004 FDE's (may or may not also work in FSX):

JELAIR-(car)-Ford_LTD-CountrySquire_1979_(FS2004).7z (includes car-sound and panel) / date: 20060728

JELAIR-(car)-Ford_GranTorino_1975_(FS2004).7z (get CountrySquire for car-sound, includes panel) / date: 20060728

JELAIR-(car)-Ford_Granada_1979_(FS2004).7z (get CountrySquire for car-sound, includes panel) / date: 20060728

JELAIR-(FTC-D08)-LunarLandingResearchVehicle.7z (includes sound and panel) / date: 20070312


These are FS2004 or FSX XML-gauges or full panels:

JELAIR_CoPilot(NonHandling)-LiteVersion-2005(FS2004).7z (Automatic copilot that operates gear, flaps, light, etc except radios) / date: 20051224

JELAIR_HeadsUpDisplay-2009_(FSX_1280x1024).7z / date: 20091112

JELAIR_LLRV_HeadsUpDisplay-2007.7z (HUD for Lunar Landing Research Vehicle) / date: 20070313

JELAIR-CAS.7z (Control Augmentation System. Edit the control values in the XML to fit it to the aircraft it's used on) / date: 20100718

JELAIR-FSX_HeloAP2011v4.7z (Helicopter autopilot) / date: 20101129

JELAIR-HoldingPatternOTTO-2007.7z (will just circle the received VOR2, not do an actual holding-pattern) / date: 20070109

JELAIR-Notebook2008.7z (FSX gauge useful during gauge or FDE design) / date: 20081112 (JELAIR Vspeed-gauge (with aural callouts) for FSX) / date: 20130929


These are FSX missions (which are basically interactive movies for FSX where you get to be the hero):

JELLYWOOD_FSXmission01_TheHeroicCannabis-run.7z / date: 20080312