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Approaching EKRN rwy29 in heavy snow with an ice-blocked pitot-tube.
Slats 25, flaps 45, landing-spoilers armed, gear down, manual throttle, autopilot-approach mode engaged.
The glideslope gradient is -3 degrees. We are slightly above flying a -3.6 degree gradient to catch up.
The velocity-vector is holding just below the touch-down zone, slightly to the left.
The wind is 5 knots coming from 195 degrees (so a slight tail-wind at this altitude)

...and we have the runway in visual sight, so all is go for landing :)


Engine-startup at EKRN in heavy fog and wet weather.
Engine #1 is running, #2 just about to spin up, Slats 25, flaps 30, landing-spoilers fully up at 57 degrees deflection.
Ground speed at zero. Fully fueled. No glideslope info received. Pitch-trim is set at 0.8 degrees nose-up attitude.
The wind is 5 knots coming from 195 degrees (a slight head-wind)

...almost ready for taxi to the active :)


Ground-speed 3 knots, accelerating at 0.9 feet-per-second.
Nose-gear is turned left.

...left turn and taxi to the active :)


Lined up on EKRN rwy11 ready for departure.
Slats 20, flaps 8, pitch-trim set to 2 degrees nose-up attitude.
Wind is coming almost directly from the right side and blowing left.

...ready for takeoff :)


On a back-course of EKRN rwy29, making a right 210-turn to line up for approach.
Bank-angle is 30 degrees right-wing down. Altitude is just above 6000 feet.
Auto-throttle is dialed to 180 knots and engaged, autopilot is tracking the localizer.
gear is up, flight-director is ON.
The ILS tells us to turn right to catch the dark-green square into the dark-green circle.
The ILS also tells us we are currently to far left of the center-line (the light-green circle is right of the dark-green circle)
Our nose is yawed slightly to the left (the attitude ladder is right of the center dark-green circle)
We are descending at 1557 feet-per-minute at a -3.3 degree gradient, pulling 1.1 G. 'about face', and then some low-visibility landing practice is next :)


14 feet above EKRN rwy29 at 123 knots indicated.
The white stripes of the runway center-line is barely visible a bit to the right.

...brace for the bump then hit reverse, piece of cake :)