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This addon is for Orbiter Version: 100606

Date Added: 20100628

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This is a Realistic (present-day technology) Concept Modular Spacestation/Spacevehicle Construction Kit. It comes with several seperate modules that all fit in the cargo-bay of the spaceshuttle (compatible with ShuttleFleetV4.5R0)

This download archive contains several seperate modules. All fit in the cargo-bay of the spaceshuttle Atlantis, except the nrgX module, which is supposed to replace the nrg whenever nrg has been put in orbit. Nrg is the power module with solarpanels retracted in launch config and nrgX is the same module, but with solarpanels extended for operation config. After launch and orbit-insertion of nrg, edit your scenario file so nrg becomes nrgX (I dont know how to make an animation of the solarpanels extending, so this is the best 'cheat' I can come up with right now :) )

A few scenario example files have been included (using ShuttleFleetV4.5R0).

To change payload, simply edit the scenario file with notepad (or any text-editor).

Intended use: upmass the needed modules with the spaceshuttle (1 at a time) and assemble them into a superstructure of your own design in orbit (Pay attention to how you place the modules, or you might end up with a displaced CG (Center of Gravity) rendering the superstructure un-controllable. Also be aware that attitude-changes of a larger superstructure (larger here defined as being more than 9 modules) can take more than an hour to complete (depending on the total number of modules, and how they are layed out, in the superstructure assembly, and also how you plan ahead) and should always be done manually and slowly (To avoid oscillations only use the auto-systems for station-keeping))

Technical: To minimize the impact on framerates (in order to allow a higher number of simultaneous modules in the sim-instance) only textfile-based configs are used (no DLLs), and the meshes are kept visually simple.

More info on the individual modules: